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I had Epoxy Flooring New Jersey come and inspect my shop floor as I wanted something that looked nice and was robust to handle foot traffic. I had their flooring guy come out to quote me and show me some samples and I was very impressed with what I saw. I booked them for the job and they did a stunning job of giving me the most beautiful floor.

Joe Pirlo

Epoxy Flooring in Union

Epoxy Flooring Union is not only known for our epoxy floors but also or ability to polish concrete. We have a great presence here in Union and we continue to build our reputation amongst our clients which in turn is fantastic because they are happy to refer us to their friends in Union that are in need of epoxy or concrete polishing.

Let’s look at the benefits of epoxy flooring; you can have epoxy in various thicknesses, it can range from 3 mils to 10 mils which is perfect for any garage floor or residential floor. When you look to get commercial settings done you tend to want to get the thicker epoxy as it fairs better with heavy machinery. Epoxy is the perfect application to add to concrete because of its fantastic bonding abilities, it has self leveling properties that fill the cracks and any slight damage to the floor. So all in all epoxy is a fantastic choice when choosing a coating for that floor project you have in mind here in Union.

Polyurethane floor coating is also a coating that is not as thick as epoxy around 2 to 3 mils but has more flexible abilities. This can serve as a solid coating for floors that are prone to lots of heavy impacts. It also holds up slightly better to chemical spills that can be corrosive and the floor will keep its color much longer over time without that yellow tint that can happen with exposure to UV rays. The one disadvantage to Polyurethane is when it comes to concrete it nowhere near bonds as well as epoxy. This is slightly aggravating to an epoxy floor specialist here in Union as it requires more time to prep. This can sometimes be an inconvenience on the client who is on a tight deadline.

So with looking at the two options our epoxy flooring techs here in Union will make a suggestions of what is best to suit your home or business and they will give you a detailed description of pricing of how much it will cost to coat the floor. Feel free to set up and appointment with us and have one of our floor coating experts here in Union come out and do a walk through with you and give you a fantastic price. So call today and arrange your free flooring quote with one of our staff members here at Epoxy Flooring Union.

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